"Numerical simulation of defects in GaAs PV cells: the effect of voltage bias and doping concentration"
Vasiliki Paraskeva, Constantinos Lazarou, Andreas Livera, Venizelos Venizelou, Maria Hadjipanayi, George Georghiou
University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus

The presence of defects in a solar cell device affects the electrical parameters causing possible performance deterioration. Point-like defects are expected to have significant impact on their local surroundings but their effect weakens away from them. For this reason a physical model of a GaAs device taking into consideration the impact of local ohmic shunts was developed in order to examine the effect of the shunts on the electrical and physical parameters. The current model provides a deeper insight into the physics of the cells. Defect states have been treated as degenerate semiconductors and the impact of voltage bias and degeneracy on the main electrical parameters of the cell have been investigated. The degeneracy of the defect was found to have a significant impact on the local surroundings of the defect. The value of applied voltage determined the effect of the shunt on the parameters, with the lowest value of applied voltage having the biggest influence on the device.

Area: Sub-Area 3.1: III-V Solar Cells