Performance and Sensitivity analysis of (500kW) solar PV combined with a hybrid grid-connected system
yahya alharthi, Mahbube K. Siddiki, Ghulam M. Chaudhry
University of Missouri Kansas City, Mission, KS, United States

Current conventional power plants create environmental impacts due to utilization of fossil fuels as CO2 and other gases are emitted into the atmosphere. In contrast to fossil fuels-based power, renewable energy (RE) sources can provide clean, sustainable, and effective energy. The objective of this study is to evaluate a grid connected solar PV/Wind hybrid RE system considering an average load demand of 15000 kW/day. Net present cost (NPC) , levelized cost of energy (LCOE), system environmental impacts and other parameters were investigated. Also, the model has been refined with an additional sensitivity analysis to explore the impacts of variation in solar and wind resources, increased in electric load scaled average, changes in power prices, and other inputs on the system performance during the project’s lifetime. HOMER software is used to do the analysis of this study. The simulation results showed the performance of
solar PV in a grid connected hybrid system. Also, the results showed that there are several factors that impact the performance of RE sources and integration to the power systems.

Area: Sub-Area 10.2: Grid Integration, High-penetration PV and Energy Storage