A 100% solar-powered quadcopter with monocrystalline silicon cells
Chong Swee Goh, Jun Ren Kuan, Jun Han Yeo, Brian Shohei Teo, Aaron J. Danner
National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Although 100% solar-powered airplanes were first demonstrated many years ago, we now present the first 100% solar-powered aircraft which can controllably hover high out of the ground effect, and take off and land vertically.  Key engineering challenges associated with solar panel construction will be highlighted.  This achievement of solar-only take-off in a rotorcraft, without wings, has been a key engineering challenge, given that the weight and efficiency of current monocrystalline silicon solar cells necessitate a very light frame.  We will illustrate how the engineering challenges associated with such solar drones can be overcome, and present entertaining videos of crashes and failed flights as well.