Performance of Hybrid Micro-Concentrator Module with Integrated Planar Tracking and Diffuse Light Collection
Stephen A Askins1, Norman Jost1, Alvaro F Aguilar2, Laetitia Anglade2, Gael Nardin2, Mathilde Duchemin2, Florian Gerlich2, Mathieu Ackerman2, Laurent Coulot2, Delphine Petri3, Jacques Levrat3, Antonin Faes3, Jonathan Champliaud3, Matthieu Despeisse3, César Domínguez1, Ignacio Anton1
1Instituto de Energia Solar - UPM, Madrid, Spain
/2Insolight, Lausanne, Switzerland
/3CSEM PV-Center, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

While solar as a whole is experiencing exponential growth, Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) capacity additions peaked in 2012 and dwindled in the face of punishing price pressures from crystalline Silicon panels, even though their efficiency is unparalleled. With a goal of bringing this efficiency to space-constrained applications where it has value to users (urban roofs, electric car charging station, etc.), the Swiss startup Insolight aims to be the first company to commercialize a high-efficiency III-V based low profile micro-CPV product that uses planar microtracking to eliminate the need for a tilting solar tracker, allowing rooftop mounting using typical  flat-plate hardware, as well diffuse light capture using low cost Si solar, so that power is produced in all conditions. The IES-UPM has made an initial performance evaluation of a 0.1m2 Insolight solar panel. We show that the integrated planar tracking system can correctly focus light for incidence angles up to 50°, show CSTC efficiency near to 30% for III-V output, and demonstrate the diffuse capture and planar tracking capability in a multi-week test campaign at our test site in Madrid.