Research on Energy Storage Optimization Control Strategy of Renewable Energy Microgrid System
Li-dong Guo1,2, Zi-long Yang2, Yi-bo Wang2, Hong-hua Xu2, Ming-yu Lei2
1University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, beijing, China
/2China Academy of Science Institute of Electrical Engineering, beijing, China

Abstract  —  Aiming at the operation control strategy of photovoltaic energy storage microgrid system. combined with the charging characteristics of “self-generated self-use, excess electricity sent to grid” mode, this paper proposes an economic optimization operation control strategy that can considering the cost of energy storage system in real time. The simulation verification the strategy can be used. In response to the price change of the time-of-use price, the self-adjusting control strategy can achieve better economic operation benefits. The strategy includes the long-term operation optimization module of the SOC of energy storage system, the annual average SOC value of the energy storage system is greatly improved. The historical data of a practical project case in a characteristic town in Qinghai was used to simulate the whole year operational status of the strategy. Two indicators: annual unloading rate and renewable energy utilization rate were used to evaluate the operation results. The results show that the proposed strategy can greatly improve the life of energy storage system, and the impact to the annual load loss rate and the utilization rate of renewable energy is small. And strategy can make the photovoltaic energy storage microgrid system achieve better operating income.
KEY WORDS: Photovoltaic; Energy storage; Photovoltaic energy storage microgrid; SOC optimization; Real-time cost.