Solar Forecasting for Low Voltage Network Operations: Selected Case Studies in Australia
Nicholas A. Engerer, Jamie M. Bright, Carl Tidemann
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

The utilization of solar forecasting data for the
proactive management of low voltage networks is in its in-
fancy. This paper presents three cases studies from Australian
low voltage network operators (DNSPs - distribution network
service providers) who have been given access to high resolution
solar forecasting data for the purposes of including them in the
execution of selected pilot projects that are exploring energy
storage, demand management and smart inverters to regulate
voltage.  The purpose of this manuscript is to
communicate the solar forecasting methodologies employed
and to review the outcomes of a selection of these pilot
projects, with a particular focus on how DNSPs utilise solar
forecasting for LV network operations and management. Our
objective is to more broadly inform potential collaborators
who would replicate or iterate upon these findings through
utilization of the solar forecasting framework, which is now
freely available for non-commercial purposes, globally.