Analyzing Transport, Recombination and Extraction Dynamics in Perovskite Solar Cell Devices using Time Resolved Photoluminescence
Ahmer AB Baloch1, Fahhad H Alharbi1,2,3, Giulia Grancini4, Mohammad I Hossain2, Mohammad K Nazeeruddin4, Nouar Tabet1,2
1College of Science and Engineering, Hamad bin Khalifa University, Doha, Qatar
/2Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute,Hamad bin Khalifa University, Doha, Qatar
/3Department of Electrical Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
/4Group for Molecular Engineering of Functional Materials, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Sion, Switzerland

The use of Time Resolved Photoluminescence (TRPL) to probe charge extraction to the carrier selective contacts used in perovskite solar cells is analyzed. A comprehensive charge dynamics method is presented to relate the TRPL signal decay to the key physical parameters characterizing the carrier diffusion, recombination across the perovskite absorbing layer and the carrier extraction at the interface with the hole transport material (HTM). By extracting photo-physical parameters from experimental data of PSC thin films with/without HTM, it is shown that TRPL quenching can be used to quantify the charge carrier extraction at the HTM, and SRH recombination at the perovskite surfaces.

Area: Sub-Area 5.5: Advanced Characterization of Photovoltaic Devices