Gabriele C. Eder1, Yuliya Voronko1, Karl Knoebl2, Simon Dimitriadis2, Gusztav Ujvari3, Karl A. Berger3, Lukas Neumaier4
1OFI, Vienna, Austria
/2FH-TW, Vienna, Austria
/3AIT, Vienna, Austria
/4CTR, Villach, Austria

Abstract  —  As Photovoltaics shows a large growth potential in climatic-sensible regions, specific artificial ageing test procedures are required for an efficient and reliable development of new PV modules/materials optimized for the use in these future markets. A program was worked out with 10 specific stress combinations for accelerated ageing tests simulating arid, alpine, tropical and moderate climates and additional environmental factors like snow and wind-load, salty atmosphere or large temperature fluctutations. The accelerating effect of enhanced temperature, humidity or additional irradiation on the degradation of materials and in further consequence on the power output could be shown, additional mechanical load and temperature cycling gave rise to breakage of interconnectors and cells.