Investigating metal-semiconductor contacts in solar cells using magnetic field measurements
Oliver Kunz1, Appu Paduthol1, Alexander Slade1, Mathew Edwards1, Dominik Lausch2, Thorsten Trupke1
1University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
/2DENKweit GmbH, Halle, Germany

While solar cells and modules are already a mature technology in mass production, contacting schemes are constantly evolving and currently multi busbar/multi wire contacting systems are being developed. During the development and the production of such technologies, it is critical to optimize and to systematically monitor their performance.
In this paper, we find that different fault types can be identified by inducing specific current flow patterns through the contacts of a single side of a solar cell and measuring the resultant 2D magnetic field image.
Additionally, we explore the use of electronic circuit network modelling in conjunction with these magnetic field images to gain further insights about the contacting faults.
In the final paper we will quantitatively determine the contact resistance and sheet resistance of the metal semiconductor contacting scheme under observation via conversion of magnetic field maps into current maps and fitting of the resistive network model parameters.