Checking the new IEC 61853.1-4 with high quality 3rd party data to benchmark its practical relevance in energy yield prediction
Steve Ransome1& Juergen Sutterlueti2
1SRCL, Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom
/2Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions GmbH, Schruns, Austria

Abstract  —  IEC 61853 1-4 [1-4] define measurements, procedures and equations to characterise PV module performance against weather parameters to enable energy yield predictions. Gantner Instruments have been making high quality IV measurements at an Outdoor Test Facility in Arizona since 2008 with a wide variety of module technologies [5]. The IEC equations are being checked against these measurements and models such as the Mechanistic Performance Model/Loss Factors Model (MPM/LFM) [6] for example performance matrices vs. irradiance and temperature. The measured yearly climate data will be contrasted with 6 data files in IEC 61853-4. Recommendations will be given for best practice use and any limitations of these new methods to the whole PV industry.
Index Terms — energy, modeling, photovoltaic systems, power, simulation, degradation.