Evaluating the Accuracy of Various Irradiance Models in Detecting Soiling of Irradiance Sensors
Zoe DeFreitas1, Anthony Ramirez2, Brian Huang2, Sarah Kurtz2, Matthew Muller3, Michael Deceglie3
1Envision Digital, Redwood City, CA, United States
/2University of California Merced, Merced, CA, United States
/3National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CA, United States

Abstract  —  We evaluate the feasibility of using various clear-sky models or purchased satellite data for estimating the soiling of a reference cell irradiance sensor. We find results to be more accurate for models that consider local meteorological conditions. We conclude that given the data sets considered, and depending on the requirements of the data analyst, choosing to use purchased satellite irradiance data from Solargis to estimate the soiling of a reference cell sensor yields the most accurate results. However, the SOLIS clear-sky model in PVLIB with variable  also provided useful results, implying that the general method of using a clear-sky model with local meteorological data may provide a low-cost tool for detecting soiling of irradiance sensors.