Investigation of the Shunt Defects Present in Solution Processed CIGSSe Photovoltaic Modules Using Lock-in Thermography
Seung Hoon Lee1, Min Kyu Kim2, Byoung Koun Min2, Yoonmook Kang3, Hae-Seok Lee3, Donghwan Kim1
1Korea University, Seoul, Korea
/2Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea
/3KU·KIST Green School, Seoul, Korea

We investigated the different types of shunt defects that could be present in CIGS thin-film solar modules. It was determined that the defects with different electrical characteristics had differently originated in the fabrication process. For the detection and classification of local shunt defects, lock-in thermography(LIT) technique was employed. With the help of scanning electron microscopy(SEM), we were able to demonstrate that the shunt defects with linear I-V characteristics originated from peel-off phenomena of CIGS layer which induced direct contact between front and back electrode.