PECVD-based layers for improved high temperature industrial Solar cell processes
Christophe Allebé1, Antoine Descoeudres1, Juan Diaz Leon1, Gizem Nogay1, Andrea Ingenito2, Matthieu Despeisse1, Christophe Ballif1, Sylvain Nicolay1, Franck Meyer2
1CSEM, Neuchatel, Switzerland
/2EPFL, Neuchatel, Switzerland

In this contribution, we present developments aiming at overcoming remaining challenges for an industrial process integration of passivating contact technologies. In particular, SiCx-based hole and electron passivating contacts formed during a firing step are developed and benchmarked with other ones formed during tube annealing. Finally, these contacts are implemented as easy add-ons in existing industrial cell architectures. Implied Voc's up to 730mV have been obtained on symmetrical structures featuring fired SiCx layers, while approaching 750mV for tube annealed ones.  First integration tests of fired SiCx(p) in PERC like cell featuring front POCl3 emitter have led to cell Voc of 680mV and cell efficiency up to 22.6%