Development of a durable Hydrophobic, Anti-soiling coating for PV Module Cover Glass
Taraneh Bozorgzad Moghim1, Alan Taylor1, Syeda Bukhari2, Fabiana Lisco2, John Michael Walls2
1TWI, Great Abington, United Kingdom
/2CREST, Loughborough, United Kingdom

Soiling of photovoltaic modules is a serious problem that significantly reduces power output.  The requirements for a hydrophobic anti-soiling coating are discussed.  and the development of a transparent hydrophobic coating with good durability is described.   The performance of the coating has been measured using transmittance, water contact angle and roll-off angle measurements. The durability of the coating is a key issue and the coating has been subjected to laboratory environmental stresses as described in IEC test standards for PV modules.  These tests include UV exposure, damp heat, thermal cycling, humidity freeze and water immersion.  In addition, the coatings have also been tested for abrasion resistance. The results of the tests are provided and indicate the coatings are suitable for use on solar cover glass.  Outdoor testing is now underway to confirm these results.