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For this year, PV Jobs will operate in three parallel tracks.

First, there will be a PV Jobs special session. Panelists from industry, national laboratories, and academia will discuss the challenges in applying for jobs in their area, and answer questions from the audience in the remaining time. We encourage job seekers to routinely check out our LinkedIn page for latest announcements.

Second, there will be a live PV Jobs fair. This will be held concurrently with the poster session. PV Jobs seekers do not need to sign up in advance, but are encouraged to bring business cards or resumes to leave with potential employers.

Finally, there is an online forum available now to connect job seekers and job offerors: the LinkedIn PV Jobs group. Relevant job listings on LinkedIn will be available there for job seekers to review. Any questions or comments can be posted directly within the group. Please feel free to reach out to Nikhil Jain with subject line stating PV Jobs in case of any others questions. Look forward to seeing you all in Chicago!

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