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Parent/Infant Room

We will offer a Parent/Infant Room and during the meeting. For convenience and privacy, IEEE has designated a room for parents for nursing, feeding, and changing infants. The room will be unsupervised and IEEE is not responsible for accidents or injuries that may occur in this room or any items left unattended.

Parent/Infant Room location to be announced.
Parent/Infant Room hours: 8:00 – 18:00.  

Lactation/Privacy Rooms

Two private rooms will be available near the conference venue for use for lactation, or other personal reasons.  Please check at the Registration booth on-site for more information.

Childcare Services

There will be no conference-sponsored childcare services on-site at the 2019 PVSC. However, children under 5 may attend most social events without needing to register for the companions program, and childcare providers can access the conference venue to meet conference attendees, etc.

The conference does not sanction or recommend childcare providers and does not assume responsibility or liability for child care services of any sort. It is the responsibility of the parents to thoroughly investigate all childcare providers.

While PVSC is not providing any onsite childcare services, we will be compiling a contact list of attendees who are looking to coordinate private childcare options.  Please email if you are interested in joining this list.


Please contact or see the staff at the Registration booth for further information.


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