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Abet Technologies, Inc.
Booth: 120
Abet Technologies manufactures standard and custom solar cell PV-IV measurement systems. Systems include standards compliant steady state solar simulators, QE and IQE measurement instruments, vacuum chuck temperature controlled test stations, comprehensive software, calibrated reference, cells and a range of electronic loads www.abet-technologies.com

BrightSpot Automation
Booth: 102
BrightSpot Automation provides the PV industry and PV researchers with measurement tools having a focus on improving module durability and performance: - Wafers: PL - Cells: EL, PL, Contact Resistance - Modules: EL, Mechanical Load Testing - Systems: EL, EL+IV www.brightspotautomation.com
401 536 8396

Booth: 104
The DuraMAT—or Durable Module Materials—Consortium brings together the national lab and university research infrastructure with the photovoltaic (PV) and supply-chain industries for a grand goal: to discover, develop, de-risk, and enable the commercialization of new materials and designs for PV modules. www.duramat.org/

Booth: 110
Energies (IF 2.676; ISSN 1996-1073), is an open access journal of related scientific research, and is published semi-monthly online by MDPI. Since its launch in 2008, the journal has been indexed by the Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science), Ei Compendex, Scopus and other databases. A first decision is provided to authors approximately 13.4 days after submission. www.mdpi.com/journal/energies

Enli Technology

Enli Technology- Solar Simulator Expert. Solar simulators, quantum efficiency measurement system and LED PLQY measurement instruments. We’re dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-end measurement system which can be used in the fields of new materials science, perovskite, solar cell/ module testing and analysis. www.enlitechnology.com

G2V Optics Inc.
Booth: 103
G2V Optics provides the most advanced solar simulators, research lighting, and IV/EQE/PCE measurement for photovoltaic (solar cell), environmental testing, and photocatalysis research. g2voptics.com

Gyrotron Technology, Inc.
Booth: 106
Gyrotron Technology Inc. has developed a number of technologies related to photovoltaic manufacturing processes. These technologies are based on using the gyrotron- high power microwave beam generator. The gyrotron’s sharp and powerful heat pulse provides a very efficient activating process for any dopants implanted in or applied on a semiconductor layer. Semiconductor layer on glass substrate can be heated for annealing to very high temperature in a short time keeping glass at low temperature. www.gyrotrontech.com

Booths: 107, 108
IEEE and its members inspire a global community to innovate for a better tomorrow through its more than 420,000 members in over 160 countries, and its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. IEEE is the trusted "voice" for engineering, computing, and technology information around the globe.

J.A. Woollam

J.A. Woollam
Booth: 122
J.A.Woollam is the most trusted brand in spectroscopic ellipsometry. We offer a wide range of spectroscopic ellipsometers for nondestructive materials characterization including thin film thickness, optical constants, in-line monitoring and more. We pride ourselves in offering the most advanced, high quality and reliable ellipsometers for photovoltaic applications. www.jawoollam.com

MKS Instruments
Booth: 105
MKS Instruments, Inc. is the parent company of Newport Corporation®, Spectra-Physics® and Ophir®, recognized leaders in photonics, optics, lasers and motion and vibration control. MKS is a worldwide leader in solutions for thin film, process and industrial manufacturing, environmental monitoring, defense and security, life sciences and research. www.newport.com

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Booth: 109
NREL conducts research in materials, devices, and reliability for PV technologies and engages in collaborative projects to enable continued growth and cost reductions in the solar industry. NREL supports the Solar Energy Technology Office’s goals to improve the ability of solar energy to integrate into the country’s electric grid and contribute to enhanced grid reliability and resiliency. www.nrel.gov

Osazda Energy, LLC
Booth: 113
Osazda Energy LLC provides materials engineering solutions to improve solar cell and solar module reliability. Our specialized metal matrix composites (MMC) have been proven to electrically bridge stress-induced cracks that appear in solar cells over time; the composites also self-heal to regain electrical continuity. www.osazda.com

Scion Plasma LLC
Booth: 112
Scion Plasma provides innovative single beam ion sources for assisting sputtering deposition of dense and smooth thin films. The ion sources possess unique features, including a focused single beam, wide discharge voltages as low as 35 V, compatible with reactive gases, and easy to operate and maintain. www.scionplasma.com
+1 (517) 388-8622

Singulus Technologies AG

Singulus Technologies AG
Booth: 116
SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES - Innovations for New Technologies: SINGULUS builds machines for production for solar (Crystalline & Thin-Film), semiconductor, medical technology, consumer goods and optical disc. The application include coating, surface processing, wet-chemical & heat treatment. For all machines, processes and applications SINGULUS draws upon its know-how in automation and process technology. www.singulus.de
+49176203 503 66

Sinton Instruments
Booths: 114, 115
Sinton Instruments provides test and measurement instruments with state-of-the-art analysis for use in Silicon PV manufacturing and R&D at each stage of the solar cell production process. We provide in-line or off-line QSSPC carrier-lifetime measurement, Suns-Voc, cell & module test equipment for every step from crystallization to module test. sintoninstruments.com
+1 303-945-2113

Booth: 118
Spectrafy is a Canadian manufacturer of state-of-the-art meteorological sensors and systems that make it easy and affordable to acquire the highest quality of solar spectral, broadband and atmospheric data. spectrafy.com
+1 613 237 2020

Spectral Evolution
Booth: 119
Spectral Evolution designs and manufactures spectroradiometers to classify continuous and pulsed solar simulators for spectral match, uniformity and stability over time. Instruments include the SR-3501,SR-2501, SR-1901, SR-1901PT and SR-2501PT. www.spectralevolution.com

Tau Science
Booth: 101
Tau Science builds high speed characterization tools for single and multi-junction devices. Hotspot, Quantum Efficiency, PL and EL imaging systems are customized for both cell and module laboratories. tauscience.com